Grow your business by product reviews and referrals on social media

Get more social buzz on autopilot by asking all customers to promote your brand on social media.

Get more photo reviews by using our top-rated product review app for Shopify

Grow Shopify business with product reviews and social media referral
Product Review and Social Media Marketing

Turn your happy customers into your best marketers

Let all your customers share a post/story on their social media and write a review about your products, using Scuti Product Reviews and Referrals Shopify app.

Scuti social-media referral solution?


Your customers are encouraged to share on social media and win

Your customer picks a photo, rate and review about your store. Scuti generates a ready-to-share photo that includes a non-active promo code as well.  

Your customer shares the ready-to-share photo on social media. Once their story/post get a certain number of likes or views (e.g., 10), they can upload the screenshot of their story/post in a link emailed to them. 

Scuti automatically verifies their post and activate their Promo Code. Then, the customer and their followers can simply redeem the activated Promo Code on their next purchase.

Best Shopify app for both product reviews and referrals on social media

build trust by product reviews

Best free product review app for Shopify

Collect product reviews via custom emails, showcase photo reviews via beautiful widgets, manage reviews via our seamless Shopify app, and reward customers via discount codes.

Import reviews from anywhere

Import reviews from AliExpress, other review apps, or a spreadsheet with just a few clicks through our Shopify app. 

Best free product review app for Shopify
Brand awareness by referrals on social media

Let customers refer your products on social media

Our simple referral widget lets all your customers share a post/story on their social media while tagging your social media page and displaying a discount code for their friends.

A simple Shopify referral app

Your customer just needs to share a simple post/story and incentivize their friends by displaying a discount code. Scuti handles the rest. 

Social referrals app for Shopify
Referral, product review, word-of-mouth marketing

One of a kind marketing funnel

Our unique referral program is not just another typical refer-a-friend Shopify app. It efficiently integrates four popular marketing strategies: reviews, referrals, social media, and influencer marketing.

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