Why Scuti has added the product review app for Shopify?

Scuti was built on the notion of converting happy customers into the best marketers. Our mission, since its inception, has been to supercharge the power of word-of-mouth by placing customers at the heart of your marketing campaigns. Our unique referral program encourages customers to create custom content and refer your products to their friends by sharing a post about your brand on their choice of social media. In essence, we want happy customers to do their best marketing and they do it for free. So we’re actively working on adding other forms of customer-based marketing into our Shopify app. Another solid, effective way is collecting customers’ online product review. Here is why:

Product Reviews: an essential form of word-of-mouth

Firstly, recommending products to a group of friends is not the only way of word-of-mouth marketing. Another golden opportunity is to help customers share their experiences online. Consumers can share their opinions about a product in the form of writing a review. With the widespread online stores instead of physical ones these days, reviews now carry as much credibility as a personal recommendation from someone you know. And this fact is also supported by data where 88% of consumers trust online product reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Secondly, showcasing reviews is a must-have feature for almost all online stores, regardless of their industry niche. To build trust with your customers and increase the credibility of a product or service, a merchant owner should publicly show product reviews. This helps other potential buyers know the experiences and problems that their peers have already come across. Fortunately, there are a good bunch of Shopify product review apps that can collect product reviews on autopilot. Displaying reviews on your website gives potential customers more confidence in their purchasing decisions, eventually leading to a higher conversion rate. According to Reevoo, store and product reviews produce an average 18% uplift in sales.

On a parallel note, and as the third point, negative reviews may cause people to ditch your store. More than 85% of people hesitate to buy a product with a lot of negative reviews. However, a negative review comes with its own advantages. First, the business owners have a better understanding of what has gone wrong with their products; and so put some effort to fix it for future buyers. Second, the complete lack of negative reviews on the product page will diminish its credibility as well. That is because all positive reviews make it seem like the entire reviews are inauthentic. Third, some shoppers specifically just go through the negative ones to check if the downside of the product relates to them. And only if not, they will buy the product regardless of the negative reviews.

So why product reviews matter in summary?

Reviews are an important deciding factor for a lot of online customers and a must-have feature for online stores. In summary:

  • Online reviews do impact new customers’ purchasing decisions because they take reviews as a personal recommendation.
  • Product and store reviews cause an increase in conversion because customers buy with more confidence when getting informed of the nitty-gritty details of a product.
  • It’s okay to have a few negative reviews. It not only warns you to improve your products but helps your product page looks more authentic.

And that is why we’ve decided to add such a useful feature to our Shopify app. So our clients rest assured, by installing our app, they have access to the best Shopify review app without the need for installing a separate app. In other words, Scuti serves the review feature alongside other functions so that every Shopify store can take the advantage of a form of word-of-mouth marketing depending on their needs.

How to collect reviews on your Shopify store?

Now, you have a better view of why having reviews on your product page is important. The next question is how to collect and showcase customers’ product reviews in your Shopify store?

Since adding reviews is not a new thing in eCommerce, there are already a lot of reliable apps that you can add to your store to get the job done. In Shopify, as the leading eCommerce platform, there are a lot of review apps that you can simply add from the Shopify app store. Fortunately, there are some good articles that have done a side-by-side comparison among the best Shopify review apps. So instead of deep-diving into the pros and cons of these apps, we refer you to some examples of such articles (article 1 and article 2). And if you’re looking for a list of affordable options, here is my article on the best FREE product reviews app for Shopify.

Scuti Product Reviews and Referrals Shopify app is also another independent option for adding reviews to your store. While we’re new in the review market, we cover almost all essential and advanced features of the top-rated review apps, including:

  1. Moderating (i.e., reply to or hide) reviews
  2. Collecting photos for product reviews
  3. Importing reviews from AliExpress, other review apps, or a spreadsheet. Our app can be thought of as a standalone AliExpress review importer
  4. Sending custom emails to request reviews, in addition to providing the “Write a review” button in the review widget
  5. Giving away rewards (in the form of discount codes) to customers in exchange for a review
  6. Creating unlimited campaigns for collecting product reviews. Separate campaigns allow you to test different settings and rewards
  7. Schedule the time to send out review emails
Scuti review widget on product pages
Scuti review widget on product pages

But, how we’re different from other Shopify review apps? 

However, what stands out Scuti from the other reviews lays on two aspects:

  1. Scuti is not just another Shopify product review app. We want to be an all-in-one marketing app that meets all your needs with word-of-mouth marketing, ranging from referrals, user-generated content to reviews, social media management, and affiliate marketing. While you can take advantage of other features, you use our product review feature so that you won’t need to install and pay for another app.
  2. We developed this app mainly for small businesses with a tight budget. That is why, unlike other Shopify apps, we give access to all our features in our free plan. We set the quota in our free plan in a way that is enough for small businesses.


Review is an important factor in today’s eCommerce world. Buyers give more credit to products with reviews and evaluate the quality of a product through their peers’ online opinions. Fortunately, there is a pool of decent Shopify product review apps that can smoothly collect reviews and boost sales with social proof. Scuti is a competitive product review app that not only provides review features but other world-of-marketing such as referrals and social media.