Make The Most Of Review Generation!

Customers have become very careful about any product they buy, any item they invest in. Since most of them remain online almost throughout the day, they browse through different portals to find out which product is hip and happening and what others are saying about the particular product. In short, they depend on online reviews a lot before they purchase any item or invest in any service. Why don’t you make the most of these online reviews? Wondering how that is possible? 

Websites like Captura provide the best software generation and management platforms. The goals of such tools are to engage your customers more and more in order to gather more online reviews. They mainly reach out to customers via email, SMS, website and social channels to get more reviews.  

Another way for collecting reviews, that review generation tools are pursuing, is to push your customers to write a review in most popular websites such as Amazon, Google, and Yelp. The main advantage of such a strategy is that other customers always check the reviews of these major websites to evaluate the quality of a product; rather than jumping to a company’s website.  

At Scuti, we implicitly collect your customers’ reviews and ratings while you are not just paying for collecting reviews. Through our social-media sharing platform, we ask the customer to rate your store, write a review, and select a photo; then we combine all these into a ready-to-share post. Scuti will then collect and sort out all these reviews; where you can access them in the customer section of your account. In simple words, assume you have a mini Yelp for your own store that you can see all reviews for all campaigns or each campaign separately. 

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