Set up Sidebar review widget

Scuti Sidebar Review Widget
Scuti Sidebar Review Widget

Your customer can get access to all your store’s reviews by clicking a floating button located on either side of your store pages. That floating button is called: the Sidebar widget.

Once the customer clicks on the Sidebar button, a floating tab pops up that shows all store’s reviews. At Scuti, we call this floating tab Floating Reviews Widget. Check out this 1-min tutorial to learn more about the Floating Reviews Widget and how it works.

Activate the Scuti Sidebar widget
Activate the Scuti Sidebar widget

Note that the widget is activated by default. If you want to turn it off, click again the “Activate widget” toggle, and always make sure you save the settings by clicking the green button “Save settings”.

Customize the Sidebar widget

You can also customize the Sidebar widget to match your theme’s look. Here are the customization options:

  1. Position: Determine which side (left or right) of the store page you want the button to be shown.
  2. Button text: Define the title of the Sidebar button.
  3. Button background color: Choose the color of the widget’s background.
  4. Button text color: Choose the color of the Sidebar’s title.
  5. Hide on mobile: Whether to show the Sidebar on mobile devices.
  6. Display on : Choose on which pages you want to show the widget.

After changing any setting, please always make sure to click on the green button “Save settings” on the bottom-left corner

Customize the Scuti Sidebar widget
Customize the Scuti Sidebar widget

If you need any help setting up your Sidebar widget, please feel free to contact us or directly email me at [email protected] We’d love to help you!