Sending emails based on delivery time

Using the Scuti Shopify app, you can send review or referral emails to your customers based on orders’ delivery time. For example, you can schedule a review request email “2 days after delivery”. This should be set up in the “STEP 3: Emails” of campaign creation (learn more).

Before scheduling based on the delivery of an order, you must first integrate Scuti with the AfterShip tool. AfterShip is a tracking app that tracks your orders and notifies Scuti when the order is “delivered”.

In this tutorial, we describe first how to set up AfterShip integration and then how to schedule your emails based on delivery time.

AfterShip integration

First, you need to make sure you have an AfterShip account. Also, if you want AfterShip automatically imports your shipments, you need to connect your Shopify store to your AfterShip account from your AfterShip/Apps page or by installing the Shopify AfterShip app (Learn more details here). Then, AfterShip will start importing the shipments automatically once you start fulfilling the order in your Shopify store.

Otherwise, you should manually create your shipments in the AfterShip account and add Shopify’s order number as the “Order number” in the AfterShip shipment.

Now you’re ready to integrate the Scuti app with AfterShip by following the instruction below:

  1. Go to your AfterShip’s webhook page and copy the “Webhook secret”.
AfterShip Webhook Secret
AfterShip Webhook secret
  1. Go to the Scuti’s Integrations page from the left menu of your Scuti app and open the AfterShip Integration.
  2. Paste the “Webhook secret” in the “Webhook Secret” field.
  3. Click the green “Generate Webhook URL” button.
  4. Copy the generated Afterhship webhook URL and open the Aftership’s webhook page again.
Scuti's AfterShip integration page
Scuti’s AfterShip integration page
  1. Click the “Add webhook URL” button, paste the copied URL link in the “Webhook URL” field, and click the “Save” button.
Add Scuti's webhook URL into AfterShip account
Add Scuti’s webhook URL to the AfterShip account

Schedule emails based on delivery time

You can schedule email timing from your campaign, either by editing a campaign or creating a new campaign. For doing so, follow the instruction below:

  1. Click the “Create a new campaign” or “Edit” button of your target campaign, from the Campaign page on the left menu of the Scuti app.
Create a new campaign or Edit the current campaign in Scuti app
Create a new campaign or Edit the current campaign in the Scuti app
  1. In STEP 3: Emails of the campaign and under the “SENDING TIME” section, select after “Delivery” and choose the number of days after delivery.
  2. Also, select your “Fallback timing” days or choose “No fallback”. If Scuti doesn’t get notified by AfterShip about the delivery time for any reason, it will send the email based on your selected fallback timing.
Schedule email timing based on delivery in the Scuti app
Schedule email timing based on delivery in the Scuti app

Note that your campaign must be active so that the change in email timing goes effective. Please remember, Scuti will always work based on the current Active campaign.

If you need any help with scheduling emails based on delivery or AfterShip integration, please feel free to contact us. We’d love to help you! And if you haven’t tried us yet, you can install the Scuti Shopify app from here. We’re the only reviews & referral app that offers all our advanced features in the free plan.