Product Groups: Share reviews among similar products

If you want to share reviews of similar products with each other, the Product Groups feature is your solution.

Using this feature, you can put some products in the same group. Then, the reviews of each product are shown for other products as well. In other words, when a review is submitted for one product, that review is also shown in the Product Review widget of other products in the same group. Note that the Product Review widget is the one that is displayed on the product pages.

The common scenarios for creating Product Groups are: (1) similar variants of a product, (2) seasonal products, (3) out-of-store products that are replaced by upgraded, same functional products.

You can create unlimited groups and each group can have unlimited products.

How to create Product Groups?

To create a product group, please follow the steps below:

  1. From the Reviews page on the Scuti left menu, go to the Product Groups subpage.
  2. From the Product Groups, click on Add a New Group.
Add a Product Group in Scuti Shopify app
Add a Product Group in Scuti Shopify app
  1. Choose a name for the group and select relevant products.
  2. Click on Create group

Now your group has been created and all your selected products in this group share reviews among each other.

Name the group and select products
Name the group and select products

How to edit or delete Product Groups?

You can always change the name and the selected products in a group. Simply head over to your target group and click on the blue pen, located on the right side of the widget. After editing, please make sure to click on the “Update group” button to save your changes.

In addition to editing, you can simply delete a group by clicking on the red cross. Note that once you delete a group, you cannot revert it back.

Edit or delete the Product Group
Edit or delete the Product Group

If you need any further help about creating Product Groups, please feel free to contact us or directly email me at [email protected] We’d love to help you!