Klaviyo integration: How to send follow-up emails?

If you have already chosen to reward customers for submitting a review in your campaign settings, then the Scuti app will send an automatic email to the customer after the review submission. This email is just to confirm the customer’s discount code and thank the customer on behalf of your store.

However, you may still want to send your own follow-up email, depending on the review’s rating, the source of review, etc. That is why we have built the Klaviyo integration so you can simply decide which email to be sent after a review is submitted. Once a review is submitted, we will notify Klaviyo and a “Scuti Review Posted” event is created in your Klaviyo account. Next, you can create an automatic email flow in Klaviyo and send your custom email upon a review submission and review’s features (e.g., positive or negative reviews).

In the next sections, we will show you how to activate the Klavu=iyo integration and how to create an email flow in Klaviyo.

Steps to activate the Klaviyo integration

Follow the instruction below to integrate Scuti with Klaviyo:

  1. Find and copy your public & private API keys from your Klaviyo settings. If you haven’t created a private API key before, create one by clicking on the “Create Private API Key” button: https://www.klaviyo.com/account#api-keys-tab
Klaviyo Public and Private API keys
Klaviyo Public and Private API keys
  1. From your Scuti app, go to the Integrations page from the left menu and open the Kaviyo Integration. Then, paste the API Keys into the Public Key and Private Key fields.
  2. Integrate Scuti with Klaviyo by clicking the “Integrate” button.
Klaviyo Integration in Scuti App
Klaviyo Integration in Scuti App

Create an email flow based on Scuti event in Klaviyo

When a review is submitted, Scuti notifies Klaviyo to create an event called “Scuti Review Posted” in the customer’s Profiles. This event has the following properties:

  • Rating: Review’s rating (1–5).
  • Photo Included: Whether the review includes a photo or not.
  • Author: Reviewer’s name.
  • Product Title: Product name, as listed in Shopify.
  • Product URL: URL address of the product page.
  • Product ID: Shopify ID of the product.
  • Order ID: The order’s Shopify ID.
  • Review date: The time that the review is submitted.
  • Verified buyer: Whether the review is associated with an order or not.

Having this event in your Klaviyo account, you can follow the steps below to create an email flow:

  1. Open your Klaviyo account and click on Flows from the left menu.
  2. Click on the blue button “Create Flow” in the top-right corner.
Create a flow in Klaviyo
Create a flow in Klaviyo
  1. Click on the gray button “Create From Scratch” in the top-right corner.
  2. Choose a name (like “Scuti reviews”) and click on “Create Flow”.
  3. From the Trigger Set up on the left, choose Metric:
Scuti Review Posted event in Klaviyo
Scuti Review Posted event in Klaviyo
  1. From the list, choose “Scuti Review Posted”. (Important): According to Klaviyo, at least one review must be submitted after the integration is activated. Otherwise, the “Scuti Review Posted” event won’t appear in the list. So, please make sure at least one review has been submitted before creating a flow:
Scuti Review Posted event in Klaviyo
Scuti Review Posted event in Klaviyo
  1. Then, you can set up the details of your metric-based email flow according to the Klaviyo instruction (learn more). Note that you can use “Trigger Filters” to send different emails based on the review’s rating.

If you need any further help with creating Klaviyo Integration, you can reach out to Klaviyo customer support. Or, you can contact us or directly email me at [email protected] We’d love to help you!