Import reviews from other Shopify review apps

While Scuti collects customers’ reviews on its own, you may also want to import reviews from other external sources and showcase them on your store using the Scuti review widget. Fortunately, we’ve made this process easy. You can simply import reviews from three different external sources. 

  • (1) Import reviews from other review apps
  • (2) Import reviews from a spreadsheet
  • (3) Import reviews from AliExpress

In this article, we will particularly focus on how to import reviews from other reviews apps in the market.  

Import reviews from other review apps 

You can import reviews from almost all review apps in the market as long as you can export reviews from that specific app. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

1. Export reviews from your previous app

For some apps, you can export reviews directly from their platform. Shopify Products Reviews,, and Yotpo are examples of such apps. But, for some apps, you may need to contact their customer service to figure out how to export reviews. Assuming that you have your exported reviews in the .csv format, you can go to the next step. 

2. Go to Import Reviews page from the Scuti left menu, and then head over Import from the supported apps section in the middle of the page. 

3. Using the drop-down menu, select the app from that you want to import the reviews:

select a review app for importing reviews

4. Upload the exported .cvs file in step1 by clicking on “Add a CSV file”:

Add a csv file in importing from other review apps

5. Click on the green “Import” button on the right-bottom corner: 

click on import for importing reviews from other apps

Once reviews are processed, you can see the status of importing results in three numbers: 

1. Number of successful imported reviews: This number indicates how many reviews have been imported successfully into your product pages. You can see these reviews on your store product pages. 

2. Number of failed imported reviews (not imported): This number indicates the number of reviews that were failed to be imported. Common reasons for failure are as follows:

(a) The column names of the first row in the .csv file have changed.

(b) The format of values/data has been screwed up. 

(c) A required field/column has been missed, including the review’s text, review’s rating, review’s date, reviewer’s name, and product name/product id. 

If you are sure you haven’t changed anything in your exported .csv file, please contact us via [email protected] and attached your .cvs file. We will get back to you in a few hours. 

3. Number of duplicated reviews (not imported): This number indicates the number of reviews that haven’t been imported because there was an exact same review (in terms of review’s text, author, date, image, etc) for that specific product. 

iBy the way, you can always import reviews again by clicking on the green Import again button on the right-bottom corner.

import review results

What’s next?

If you have any feedback or question or need us to add more features, please leave a comment below or contact us. If you haven’t tried our product yet, you can give it a shot and take the advantage of our free plan.