Import reviews from AliExpress to your Shopify product pages

Scuti allows you to simply import reviews from any product in AliExpress. This feature is particularly useful for dropshipping stores that want to add external reviews to their Shopify product pages.  

In this article, we will particularly focus on how to import reviews from AliExpress. Before importing any review, you should first add the AliExpress Importer from the Scuti dashboard into your browser bookmarks. 

Add the AliExpress Importer to bookmarks

Bookmark is a browser that is used to save a website’s URL address for future reference. The bookmark bar is typically shown under the URL field (or refresh button). 

Follow the steps below for adding AliExpress review importer to your bookmarks:

1. Open the Scuti app from your store admin/apps, and click on the Import Reviews page from the Scuti left menu.

2. Head over to the “One-click import from AliExpress”, the first section on the top of the page. 

Import reviews-One-click import from AliExpress

3. Drag and drop the green button “Import to Scuti” button into your bookmarks bar:

Drag and Drop the AliExpress review importer

 I can’t see the bookmark bar. What to do?

If your browser bookmark is hidden (i.e., you can’t see a bar under the URL field), then you should make it visible using the following shortcuts depending on your browser: 

  • Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Opera: Ctrl (on Mac: command) + Shift + B
  • Firefox: Ctrl (on Mac: command) + B

If you still face difficulties showing your bookmarks, this is a good article that explains how to show bookmarks in different browsers:

Import reviews from AliExpress 

Now that you have the AliExpress importer on your bookmark, you’re a few clicks away to import any reviews. Here are the steps to do: 

1. Go to the AliExpress product page you’d like to import reviews from. Tips: You should see some reviews at the end of the page; otherwise, you’re not on a product page. A product page URL often has a format like this: (example)

2. While you’re on the AliExpress product page, click on the “Import to Scuti” button from your bookmarks bar.

3. In the “Import to” section: Choose a product in your store from the drop-down menu or by searching for the product name:

Import to in the AliExpress review Importer

4. Set the number of reviews that you want to import (the maximum is 100); and the minimum rating for reviews to be imported.

5. Click on the blue button “Import”:

Set number of reviews and rating from AliExpress review importer

Importing review results

Once reviews are processed, you can see the status of importing results in three numbers: 

1. Number of successful imported reviews: This number indicates how many reviews have been imported successfully into your product pages. You can see these reviews on your store product pages. 

2. Number of failed imported reviews (not imported): This number indicates the number of reviews that were failed to be imported. Common reasons for failure are as follows:

(a) Make sure you are on a product page in the AliExpress website. A signal for this is to check if you can see some reviews at the end of the page. 

(b) There might not be enough reviews for your filtering rules. For example, you ask for 50 reviews to be imported while there are only 30 reviews in the AliExpress product page. 

(c) There might be a technical conflict between the AliExpress importer and the extensions you’ve already installed in your browser. A workaround for this is to try in a different browser, or try in an incognito browser if you’re in Chrome. To open an incognito browser on Chrome, press Ctrl (on mac: command) + Shift + N. 

If you’ve tried the above troubleshooting and still face an issue, please contact us via [email protected] and share the AliExpress product page. We will get back to you in a few hours. 

3. Number of duplicated reviews (not imported): This number indicates the number of reviews that haven’t been imported because there was the same review (in terms of review’s text, author, date, image, etc) for that specific product. This typically happens when you import reviews from the same AliExpress product page multiple times while the same reviews were already imported from this page.

import review results

What’s next?

If you have any feedback or question or need us to add more features, please leave a comment below or contact us. If you haven’t tried our product yet, you can give it a shot and take the advantage of our free plan.