How to set up the Popup review widget?

Scuti Popup review widget for Shopify

Popup widget is another Scuti widget for displaying all reviews relevant to a page in the form of a popup. The Popup widget appears in one of the page corners, showcases a relevant review for a few seconds. Then, it disappears and comes back with another relevant review.

The Popup widget first shows the most recent reviews with the highest rating. Plus, it is context-aware. That means, for example on a product page, it only shows reviews relevant to that product; or when a buyer is at the cart page, it shows all reviews related to products in the cart. However, the Popup widget shows all store’s reviews when the visitor is browsing the Homepage, collection, and other pages.

Activate the Popup review widget

The Popup widget is not activated by default. For activating the widget, go to the Display Widgets page from the left menu of the Scuti app, and then head over the “Popup Review Widget” section. By clicking on the “Activate widget” toggle, the widget is displayed on your store pages. In the next section, we discuss how to fully customize the Popup widget.

Activate Scuti Popup review widget
Activate Scuti Popup review widget

Customize the Popup review widget

You can also customize the Popup widget to match your theme and brand’s look. Here are the customization options:

  1. Position: The corner of the screen where the Popup appears.
  2. Minimum rating to display: The minimum rating of a review to be displayed on the Popup widget.
  3. Delay between Pop-ups: The elapsed time between the two consecutive reviews.
  4. Pop-up display time: The duration that the Popup widget displays a review and stays on the screen.
  5. Maximum per page: The maximum number of reviews that the Popup displays before stops appearing.
  6. Hide on mobile: Whether or not showing the Popup widget on Mobile.
  7. Display on: The pages for displaying the Popup widget.
  8. Custom colors: Customize the colors of Star rating, Author’s name, Review text, and Review background.

After changing any setting, please always make sure to click on the green button “Save settings” on the bottom-right corner.

Customize Scuti Popup review widget
Customize Scuti Popup review widget

If you need any help setting up your Popup widget, please feel free to contact us or directly email me at [email protected] We’d love to help you!