How to create a new Scuti review or referral campaign in one minute?

Everything at Scuti starts with launching a campaign. By creating a campaign, you simply instruct the app whether it should only collect/display reviews or run our unique referral program or both. You also set rewards and customize the content and sending time of your emails to your customers.

In this article, I first show step-by-step how to set up your campaign settings and go live with Scuti. Once you get more familiar with the campaign, I will summarize the most benefits of the campaign feature which is not available in the similar apps (so don’t miss it).

How to create a new campaign 

The first campaign is on us. At the time of installation and onboarding, we ask you some few questions. Given your answers, we create and launch your first campaign. Don’t worry, you can always pause, edit, or delete your campaign (Learn more). 

In addition, you can always create a new campaign by clicking on the “Create a new campaign” button from the Campaigns page on the Scuti left menu.

Scuti app: Create and launch a new campaign
Scuti app: Create and launch a new campaign

Creating a campaign has three super quick steps as described below. For your easinesss, we’ve already chosen the optimal values. So you may want to start off by leaving default values.

STEP 1: Campaign Type

In this step, you should first choose a unique name for your campaign.

Next, you should choose the type of campaign. You actually need to decide whether you want to only collect reviews or run referrals on customers’ social media or both at the same time. The three campaign types are defined as below:

#Hybrid Campaign: The Hybrid campaign is the combination of both review collection and referrals. Here is how it works?

  1. Scuti collects product reviews by sending custom emails and offering discounts on autopilot. Reviews and star ratings are then displayed on your store based on your settings.
  2. Scuti encourages happy customers to share a post/story on their social media while tagging your social media page and displaying an automated discount code for their friends: (a)Customers are exposed to pre-purchase & post-purchase referral widgets to start the process. (b) If their post gets at least 10 views or likes (verified by Scuti), their discount code is activated and it can be used by the customer and their friends. Learn more about how our referrals on social media feature works.

#Reviews Campaign: The reviews campaign focuses only on review collection and showcasing reviews on the store (i.e., Part 1 of the Hybrid campaign). Our fully-featured product review app takes care of everything you need about reviews on a Shopify store.

#Referrals on social media Campaign: This campaign does only referrals on social media (i.e., Part 2 of the Hybrid campaign). Learn more about our innovative and unique social media referrals program. No reviews are collected on this type of campaign.

Step 1: Select campaign type
Step 1: Select campaign type

STEP 2: Reward

In this step, you should determine the reward you’re willing to give away to your customers in exchange for writing reviews or sharing a post on social media. At the moment, you can offer rewards in the form of a discount code.

While you have the option to NOT give a reward for writing reviews, you must choose a reward for the social media referral. Note that, in the Hybrid campaign, the value of the Referrals reward should always be greater than the Reviews reward because creating content and posting on social media is a more time-consuming task for customers.

Step 2 (Reward): Set up a reward for reviews & referrals
Step 2 (Reward): Set up a reward for reviews & referrals

STEP 3: Emails

In this step, you can choose the email sending time. For example, you can set up to send your review/referral request emails 14 days after the purchase date. 

In addition, you can fully customize an email by choosing your own logo, subject line, and email text. Also, we give the option to preview the email and/or send a test email to see how your custom email looks like in practice (Learn more). In addition, you can customize the reminder email, which will be sent 7 days after the first request email. 

Step 3 (Settings): Emails
Step 3 (Settings): Emails

STEP 4: Launch your campaign

In this step, you can see the summary of your campaign. You have two options:

  1. Launch the new campaign NOW: If you want to launch the new campaign and make it live, click on the Launch button. By doing so, if there is an active campaign, it will be immediately paused. Note that the active campaign just gets paused, not deleted. You can resume it anytime you want from the Campaign page.
  2. Launch the new campaign LATER: If you want to launch the new campaign at a later time, you should check the box next to: “I don’t want to start my campaign at the moment”. By doing so, your campaign is created but it is inactive.
Step 4 (Launch): Launch campaign now or later
Step 4 (Launch): Launch campaign now or later

Benefits of the campaign feature

Some important and useful features of having the campaign feature are as follows: 

  1. You can create unlimited campaigns; however, at most one campaign can be active at a time.
  2. By pausing all campaigns, you basically ask the app to do nothing. I.e., we stop showing widgets on your store and sending emails to your customers. So whenever you don’t want the app to operate, you don’t need to uninstall it. You just need to pause your campaigns.
  3. You can test and compare the performance of various reward and email settings by creating different campaigns. For example, you can run campaign A with a review reward of 20% off for one month, and then campaign B with 30% off. Next, you can compare the performance of these two campaigns from Analytics page on the left menu and find the optimal setting for your store.

What’s next?

If you need any help regarding launching your campaign, please feel free to contact us. We’d love to help you! And if you haven’t tried us yet, you can install the app at the link below. We’re the only review & referral app that offers all our advanced features in the free plan.