How to create a dedicated page for all your reviews

Using the Scuti Shopify app, you can create a dedicated page in your store to showcase all your reviews in one place. Unlike our Floating Reviews widget, which showcases all reviews in a tab, the Scuti All Reviews page is an independent page in your store like a Home page, product pages, etc.

In this tutorial, we show you how to simply create a dedicated review page in your Shopify store.

Create the All Reviews page by adding a theme template

Scuti injects a template liquid file into your theme at the time of the app installation. Then, you can create the All Reviews page by adding this template through the steps below:

  1. Go to your Shopify Pages menu.
Add page in your Shopify store
Add a page from the Shopify Pages menu
  1. Add a title for your page like All Reviews.
  2. At the “Theme template” section on the right, select “scuti-all-reviews”, and save the page.
Add the scuti-all-reviews template
Add the scuti-all-reviews template

If you don’t see “scuti-all-reviews” in the Theme template section, please close the Scuti app and open it again. If you still don’t see it, the liquid file has not been injected into your theme because of the unique structure of your theme. In that case, please feel free to contact us  and we troubleshoot the issue for you.

Now that your all reviews page has been created, you should add this page to your store’s navigation menu:

  1. Go to your Shopify navigation menu.
  2. From the “Menus” section, click on “Main menu”.
  3. Click on “Add menu item”.
  4. Add a name in the “Name” field, and add your All Reviews page from the “Link” field. Save your menu and check it out in your store.

Customize the review widget

You can fully customize the review widget’s elements on your All Reviews page such as its layout, colors & fonts, etc. to match your theme’s look and brand (Learn more here).

If you need any help with creating the All Reviews page, please feel free to contact us. We’d love to help you! And if you haven’t tried us yet, you can install the Scuti Shopify app from here. We’re the only reviews & referral app that offers all our advanced features in the free plan.