Campaigns page: Everything you need to know about managing all your campaigns

You can manage everything about your campaigns on the Campaign page from the Scuti left menu. I will show you how to create, pause, edit, duplicate and delete your campaigns in this tutorial.

Before starting, here are the benefits of the campaign feature that you should keep in your mind:

  1. Unlimited campaigns: You can create unlimited campaigns; however, at most one campaign can be active at a time.
  2. Pause everything with one click: By pausing all campaigns, you basically ask the app to do nothing. I.e., we stop showing widgets on your store and sending emails to your customers. So whenever you don’t want the app to operate, you don’t need to uninstall it. You just need to pause your campaigns.
  3. Test various settings: You can test and compare the performance of various reward and email settings by creating different campaigns. For example, you can run campaign A with a review reward of 20% off for one month, and then campaign B with 30% off. Next, you can compare the performance of these two campaigns from the Analytics page on the left menu and find the optimal setting for your store.

Create a new campaign

Everything at Scuti starts with launching a campaign. By creating a campaign, you simply instruct the app (1) whether it should only collect/display reviews or run our unique referral program, or both. You also (2) set rewards and (3) customize the content and sending time of the review/referral requests.

You are able to start creating a new campaign from the Campaign page, by clicking on Create a new campaign in the top right corner. You can learn more by following the details here.

Scuti app: Create and launch a new campaign
Scuti app: Create and launch a new campaign

Once you create the campaign, it’s shown on the Campaigns page. For each campaign, you can apply the following actions: Resume/Pause, Edit, Duplicate and Delete.

Pause/resume a campaign

Pause: At any time, you can pause any of your campaigns. For doing so, click on the “Pause” button next to your campaign; then Scuti will stop any interaction with your customers. This includes stop showing the displaying widgets on your store and stop sending emails.

Pause your Scuti campaign
Pause your Scuti campaign

Resume: At any time, you can resume any of your campaigns to be live again. For doing so, click on the “Pause” button next to your campaign. By resuming a campaign, the currently active campaign becomes paused immediately. Scuti will always work according to the settings of the active campaign.

Edit a campaign

Edit, Duplicate, or Delete your Scuti campaign
Edit, Duplicate, or Delete your Scuti campaign

You can edit the settings of a campaign by clicking on the “More actions -> Edit” button. Once you click on the Edit button, the 4-step Campaign setup wizard will open and you can change the campaign type, the reward settings, and the content and sending time of emails. Once you change your settings, you should click on the “Launch” or “Launch Later” in step 4 so your new settings are applied.

Duplicate a campaign

If you want to create a new campaign, but you do want to start off from the settings of a previous campaign, then “Duplicate” is the best option. By clicking on “More actions -> Duplicate” button, the 4-step Campaign setup wizard will open where the default settings are based on the campaign that you just made a copy of. Next, follow the steps, change your settings, and click on the “Launch” or “Launch Later” in step 4 so that your new campaign is created.

Delete a campaign

While we highly recommend you keep your campaigns, you have the option to delete your campaign. Remember that you can keep all the campaigns and pause any of them in case you don’t want to have them live.

For deleting a campaign, click on the “More actions -> Delete” button. Remember that, by deleting a campaign, all analytics information about that campaign will be gone and not recoverable. We recommend deleting a campaign only when you create a TEST campaign and it has been live just for a short time.

What’s next?

If you need any help regarding managing your campaigns, please feel free to contact us. We’d love to help you! And if you haven’t tried us yet, you can install the app at the link below. We’re the only review & referral app that offers all our advanced features in the free plan.