Account page: Set up your store profile, select a plan, and review your billing

You can have access to your Account page from the Scuti left menu. On the Account page, you can do anything related to your contact info, your store’s social media pages, and plans & billing.  

Your details 

In the Your details section, you can set up or update the following information. 

Name: The name that you want to see on the Scuti header section and be used in communication with Scuti. 

Email: All correspondence regarding your Scuti account will be communicated through this email. 

Type your info in each field and click Save

Contact details

Store social-media pages

When you ask customers to share a post/story on their social media and refer to your products, Scuti pushes the customer to tag your social media page in their post or Story so as to increase your business engagement on social media platforms.

If you have a social media page for any of Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, type your username in the relevant field and click Save.

Social Media Pages

Also, Scuti uses your social media pages in this section to automatically fill out the relevant fields on the Settings step of creating a new campaign. So you don’t need to input this info every time you create a new campaign. 

Plans & Billing

In this section, you can see your current plan info including its price, billing time, activated time, and trial expiration. You won’t be charged during the free trial and you can cancel/change your plan anytime.

Plan details and price

You have also the option to cancel or change your current plan:

Cancel Plan

Cancel your plan any time by clicking on Cancel plan next to your selected plan and follow the instruction. Unlike other apps, Scuti allows you to simply cancel your plan by clicking on the “Cancel plan” without deleting the app.

Cancel Plan

Change Plan 

Change your plan by clicking on “Change plan” next your selected plan. Once you click on Change plan, you will see all Scuti pricing plans at the moment that you can select and activate one of them.

Change Plan

Billing history

By clicking on Billing history on the right-buttom corner of Plans & Billing section, you can see the details of all your past selected plans and billing invoice for each selected plan per month.

Billing History
Billing History details

Since your app charges will be included in your next Shopify billing, please see your Billing from Shopify->Settings->Billing to see how much you will get charged for Scuti in each Shopify billing cycle.

Learn more about Shopify billing with app charges.

What’s next?

If you have any feedback or question or need us to add more features, please leave a comment below or contact us. If you haven’t tried our app yet, you can give it a shot.