FAQs about referrals on social media

Q: How should my customer find and display their discount on the post/story?

A: We show the discount code on the first line of the text box in the middle of the referral widget. Customer just needs to display this code on their post/story in anyway they want. They can simply copy the text by clicking on the “Copy” button next to the text box.

Q: Is the discount code unique to each customer?

A: Yes, it is unique for each customer. In particular, for the referral widget on the “Thank You” page or from emails, the discount code is actually the customer’s “First name”. That makes the discount code more memorable for both the customer and their friends.

Q: Why does Scuti need my customer’s email for sharing a post/story on social media?

A: We need your customer’s email ONLY for sending a link so they can upload the screenshots of their post. Unfortunately, social media’s APIs (like Instagram or Facebook) are so limited for tracking non business/creator accounts (which is the case for most of customers). That is why we need to have the screenshot of the post/story to make sure the customer has actually shared a post on their social media and they’re not abusing the system to get a discount code. 

Q: Is the discount code shown on the social-media referral widget redeemable?

A: The discount is not ACTIVE at the time we show it on the referral widget. The discount code gets activated if (1) the customer shares a post/story that displays the discount code, (2) The post/story gets at least 10 likes or views and is verified by Scuti. 

Q: Does the customer gets rewarded after the first purchase from their discount code?

A: No. Unlike other referral programs, the customer’s reward is not dependent on the new purchases. That is because, unlike other referral programs, it’s not just about sharing a generic and ready-to-go link. Instead, the customer needs to put enough efforts to create content, share on social media, and upload a screenshot in a link. And if they do all these, they deserve to get rewarded without needing their friends to make a new purchase. Thus, Scuti activates their code right after their post/story is verified. 

Q: I need my customers to mention my social media pages on their post/story. How can I do that?

A: Our referrals on social media program has this capability as well. All you need to do is to add your social media usernames in the step 3 of creating a new campaign. Once you do that, we show your social media page on the text box of the referral widget; and we ask your customer to mention your page on their post/story. 

Q: How many campaigns I can have at a time?

A: You can create unlimited campaigns by clicking “Create a new campaign” from Campaigns page in the Scuti left menu. However, you can have only one active at a time. That means whenever you launch a new campaign, your current campaign will be inactive; however, you can resume at anytime in the future.