FAQs about product reviews

Q: How can I reward my customers to write a review?

A: You can choose to reward your customers for writing a review in the second step (Rewards) of Creating a new campaign. You can also choose the value of your reward (like  20% or $15 off on all products). Once the customer submits their review, we generate a discount code with the details you set up and show it to the customer. We also email the discount code to the customer via email right after the review submission. In the email, we also encourage them to start shopping with their code. 

Q: Is it mandatory to reward customers for writing a product review?

A: No, it is not. In the step 2 (Rewards) of the “Creating a new campaign”, you have the option to choose “No” reward for writing a review. If you choose this, we won’t generate a discount code after the customer submits their review. 

Q: How can I customize the review request emails?

A: In the step 3 (Settings) of the “Creating a new campaign”, you can customize the subject line and body of both the review request email and its reminder. We will eventually send the email that you set in your active campaign.

Q: How can I define the sending time of the review request emails?

A: In the step 3 (Settings) of the “Creating a new campaign”, you can set when the review request emails should be sent to customers. At this time, we only support sending emails after a specific days based on “Purchase” time. We don’t have the option to send based on “Delivery” at the moment. If it is a must for you, please let us know. 

Q: How can I see the review submission forms that my customers need to fill out for submitting a review?

A: In this article, you can see the review submission forms and how your customers interact with Scuti to submit a review.